Albino Miranda

Gaia Coffee Table

Table Features: Oval

Coffee table with glass top and fiberglass base lacquered in bronze or brass color and gold interior. Gaia is inspired by a cross section of a tree trunk, this coffee table will certainly be the kind of piece that deprives itself from the most common forms, carrying a bit of nature to public or private spaces. The entire structure is made out of fiberglass lacquered in bronze color with its center lacquered in gold color and a glass or high-gloss walnut root top.

Fiberglass is plastic that is reinforced by fine glass fibers or strands embedded in a resin matrix. Fiberglass is a fascinatingly beautiful, durable, and sustainable material that has been touted as the lumber of the future.

NOTE: Table suitable for outdoor with matte color.

Dimensions:Dimensions:  141 x 106 x 40 cm