Type: Table lamp
Materials: Rattan
Designers: Jean Michel Policar

The” Small Carrycot “is a light and portable lamp, to be placed on the ground or on a piece of furniture.Its construction implements all the aspects of the traditional rattan: the cane for its structure, the marrow for the plateau and the lampshade , the bark for the links Beyond its lighting function, the “small nacelle” brings to light a tray that can receive connected products, books or any other object. oil lamp, it also evokes the captive balloon, and seems to rise once switched on.

Electrical wiring in gray textile wire, switch and socket E27 included

Height: 36.6in - 93.0 cm
Width: 15.7in - 39.9 cm   
Depth: 15.7in - 39.9 cm   
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