Babylon Collection



Babylon outdoor collection includes two and three seater sofas, armchair, pouf and coffee tables in painted aluminum and synthetic fiber rope. For this collection, weaving takes center stage, striking a harmonious balance between contemporary aesthetics and traditional craftsmanship. This approach results in a captivating blend, where the timeless art of weaving is reimagined to complement modern design sensibilities, creating pieces that celebrate both the new and the nostalgic. 

The Babylon seating collection features a robust painted aluminum frame, elegantly intertwined with synthetic hemp fiber rope at precise intervals. This weaving technique lends a dynamic and breathable silhouette to the backrest, ensuring it integrates seamlessly with the outdoor environment's natural palette. Whether adorning a home terrace or an outdoor hotel space, the Babylon seating invites an ambiance of serene outdoor relaxation.

Complementing this collection is the Babylon coffee table, a piece that exudes elegance and character. Its top is gracefully encircled by a refined hemp cord weave, mirroring the seating's design and reinforcing the collection's cohesive aesthetic. The table's generous surface, offered in various finishes, hosts an array of objects that enhance the outdoor living experience, making it a haven for leisure, whether in daily life or during vacation.

Upholstery is offered graded in or in COM.

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