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Molletta cedar Wood Bench

Molletta cedar Wood Bench

Posted by Mondo Contract on Apr 16th 2024

Molletta Bench designed by Baldessari & Baldessari for Riva 1920 , drawing inspiration from the exaggerated scale characteristic of Pop art, offers a hyper-natural portrayal of cedar wood.

This piece assumes a dual role: firstly, as a spacious seating option suitable for both large indoor spaces and outdoor settings.

Secondly, it transforms into a striking sculptural element capable of defining the ambiance of its surroundings. Despite its grandeur, the oversized peg also pays homage to the simplicity and ubiquity of everyday household design.

MOLLETTA's visual impact owes much to the expert craftsmanship of solid wood, a hallmark of Riva 1920's tradition. Particularly in this bench, the meticulous angled cuts highlight the wood's grain and natural tones, creating a virtual texture that envelops the entire piece. Offered in three distinct sizes.

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